Corporate Tax compliances

Corporate tax compliance automation

TDS & TCS compliances: We provide customized reconciliation reports on TDS compliances which can be used monthly to determine TDS liability. All the provisions of TDS computation are configured within the ERP so that the right TDS liability is determine and impact on working capital of the taxpayer and post-transaction payment adjustments with the vendors can be minimized. The report provided will also meet the need for Clause 34 requirement of the TAR provisions. Similarly, for the supplies made to the customers, we can provide a report to track the TCS provisions of the income tax act.

We also offer customized report for Clause 44 requirement of the TAR provisions in the ERP itself. Clause 44 report would be made available to the users on near real-time basis as and when they book transactions in the ERP.

Form 26 AS reconciliation: We provide solution around automation of 26AS reconciliation. Books data of the ERP is reconciled with entries appearing in form 26 AS to find out any discrepancies.